Clearly Dental Aligners

Dr. Portal

Why Choose Clearly?
With Clearly Aligners, you direct every step of the treatment process,
working hand-in-hand with our lab technicians
with more than 20 years of experience.
Doctor Portal with 3-D Video Treatment Projections
A complete 3D simulated video of the full procedure
is created for you in your Doctor Portal for you to review
and for the patient to approve within 72 hours
after receiving a treatment case.
Made with the Best Materials with Quick Turnarounds
We use only Zendura acrylic and can boast
30% faster turnaround times than our competitors.
Free Training and NO doctor selling!
We train you and your staff for success
and we have a sales system in place to show your staff
how they can make more money,
allowing you to be the great doctor you are!
lady with aligners

Add Income to Your Practice

Our case study showed that Dr's uitilizing our system provided an additional $100k+ of additional income by targeting only 1% of their existing patient pool.

We work with you all the way

    • Once a case is approved, our treatments are delivered within 5 to 7 business days to the practice.

We get you what you need FAST!

    • No-Cost Training

We train you and your staff for SUCCESS!

    • Personalized Service

Know who you are working with by NAME!

patient trying on aligners

We only use the top of the line industry standard materials, to align with our Doctors’ expectations.

Easy-to-use Doctor Portal

Show your patients the plan and progress of their treatment with digital 3-D modeling.

You’ll join a community of other dental professionals who seek to grow their practice and maximize their profits.

Call 951-331-3302 to set up a free consultation or Register below to become a Clearly Aligners provider

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