Why Choose Clearly

We understand that quality results are only possible by using quality materials and by developing quality procedures.

Clearly aligners are produced using the finest materials and undergo the most rigorous quality assurance.

Our aligners are tested and guaranteed safe and effective.


There is no monthly fee to use and prescribe Clearly.


Our Aligners can be made from digital scans (recommended) or rubber molds (PVC impressions).


Clearly believes that the Doctor is always right. If you need to move a single tooth, we can do that. While Clearly does have an experienced Orthodontist on staff, we believe that the Doctor should have the freedom to make the calls for his or her patients.


A complete 3D simulated video of the full procedure is created for the Doctor to review and the patient to approve within 72 hours after receiving a treatment case.


An actual 3D printed model of each mold is provided with each aligner. No more guessing, just quick and simple comparison!

Local Help

We’re local. If you need anything, your local Clearly specialist (Jason) is only a phone call or message away. We love meeting with our Doctors face-to-face!


Once a treatment plan is approved, it usually only takes about 14 days to receive your patient’s aligners.


You can now treat simple cases with as little as 3 trays opening up a market previously unaddressed by other aligner providers.


Completely customizable treatments, extrude, intrude, cross bite and more. We help you do what the patient wants to accomplish!

Long Term Solution

With Clearly, the final tray is a more firm, durable tray that the patient uses as a daily retainer. The cost of the final retainer is already built in to the procedure price! If the retainer is ever lost or damaged, replacement is just an email or call away. We also offer the revolutionary ClearBow retainer which lasts much longer!

Become a Provider

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